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    Many of these are from (the now-defunct) Futurama Fan. The ones I've authored or HTMLized are in bold and are hosted here.)

    1ACV01 Space Pilot 3000  -  Deja 1, 2, 3 · CGEF Reviews28-Mar-1999
    1ACV02 The Series Has Landed  -  Deja4-Apr-1999
    1ACV03 I, Roommate  -  Deja6-Apr-1999
    1ACV04 Love's Labours Lost In Space  -  Deja13-Apr-1999
    1ACV05 Fear Of A Bot Planet  -  Deja21-Apr-1999
    1ACV06 A Fishful Of Dollars  -  Deja 1, 2, 327-Apr-1999
    1ACV07 My Three Suns  -  Deja 1, 2, 34-May-1999
    1ACV08 A Big Piece Of Garbage  -  Deja 1, 2, 311-May-1999
    1ACV09 Hell Is Other Robots  -  Deja 1, 2, 318-May-1999
    1ACV10 A Flight To Remember  -  Deja 1, 2, 326-Sep-1999
    1ACV11 Mars University  -  Deja 1, 23-Oct-1999
    1ACV12 When Aliens Attack  -  Deja 1, 2, 37-Nov-1999
    1ACV13 Fry and the Slurm Factory  -  Deja 1, 214-Nov-1999

    2ACV01 I Second That Emotion  -  Deja21-Nov-1999
    2ACV02 Brannigan Begin Again  -  Deja28-Nov-1999
    2ACV03 A Head In The Polls  -  Deja12-Dec-1999
    2ACV04 Xmas Story  -  In Progress ... 19-Dec-1999
    2ACV05 Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love?  -  In Progress ... 6-Feb-2000
    2ACV06 The Lesser Of Two Evils  -  In Progress ...20-Feb-2000
    2ACV07 Put Your Head On My Shoulders  -  In Progress ... 13-Feb-2000
    2ACV08 Raging Bender  -  In Progress ...28-Jan-2000
    2ACV09 A Bicyclops Built For Two  -  In Progress ...19-Mar-2000
    2ACV10 A Clone of My Own  -  In Progress ... 9-Apr-2000
    2ACV11 How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back  -  Deja Review2-Apr-2000
    2ACV12 The Deep South  -  In Progress ...16-Apr-2000
    2ACV13 Bender Gets Made  -  Deja Review30-Apr-2000
    2ACV14 Mother's Day  -  In Progress ... 14-May-2000
    2ACV15 The Problem With Popplers  -  In Progress ... · Deja7-May-2000
    2ACV16 Anthology Of Interest 1  -  In Progress ... · CGEF Reviews · Deja Review21-May-2000
    2ACV17 War Is The H Word  -  In Progress ... · Deja26-Nov-2000
    2ACV18 The Honking  -  In Progress ... · Deja5-Nov-2000
    2ACV19 The Cryonic Woman  -  In Progress ... · Deja 3-Dec-2000

    3ACV01 Amazon Women In The Mood  -  Deja14-Jan-2001
    3ACV02 Parasites Lost  -  Deja21-Jan-2001
    3ACV03 A Tale Of Two Santas  -  Deja23-Dec-2001
    3ACV04 Luck Of The Fryrish  -  Deja11-Mar-2001
    3ACV05 The Birdbot Of Ice-Catraz  -  Deja 1, 2, Review4-Mar-2001
    3ACV06 Bendless Love  -  Deja11-Feb-2001
    3ACV07 The Day The Earth Stood Stupid  -  Deja18-Feb-2001
    3ACV08 That's Lobstertainment!  -  Deja25-Feb-2001
    3ACV09 The Cyber House Rules  -  Deja1-Apr-2001
    3ACV10 Where the Buggalo Roam  -  Tom3-Mar-2002
    3ACV11 Insane In The Mainframe  -  Deja 1, 28-Apr-2001
    3ACV12 The Route Of All Evil  -  CGEF · TNP8-Dec-2002
    3ACV13 Bendin' In The Wind  -  Deja22-Apr-2001
    3ACV14 Time Keeps On Slippin'  -  Deja · Review6-May-2001
    3ACV15 I Dated A Robot  -  Deja13-May-2001
    3ACV16 A Leela Of Her Own  -  CGEF · TNP7-Apr-2002
    3ACV17 A Pharoah To Remember  -  Tom · CGEF · TNP10-Mar-2002
    3ACV18 Anthology of Interest II  -  Tom · CGEF · TNP · Deja 1, 26-Jan-2002
    3ACV19 Roswell That Ends Well  -  In Progress ... · CGEF · TNP · Deja 1, 29-Dec-2001
    3ACV20 Godfellas  -  Tom · CGEF · TNP 17-Mar-2002
    3ACV21 Futurestock  -  CGEF · TNP · Deja31-Mar-2002
    3ACV22 The 30% Iron Chef  -  CGEF · TNP14-Apr-2002

    4ACV01 Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch  -  CGEF · TNP12-Jan-2003
    4ACV02 Leela's Homeworld  -  Tom · CGEF · TNP17-Feb-2002
    4ACV03 Love And Rocket  -  Tom · CGEF · TNP10-Feb-2002
    4ACV04 Less Than Hero  -  CGEF · TNP02-Mar-2003
    4ACV05 A Taste of Freedom  -  CGEF · TNP22-Dec-2002
    4ACV06 Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV  -  CGEF · TNP03-Aug-2003
    4ACV07 Jurassic Bark  -  CGEF · TNP17-Nov-2002
    4ACV08 Crimes of the Hot  -  CGEF · TNP10-Nov-2002
    4ACV09 Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles  -  TNP30-Mar-2003
    4ACV10 The Why of Fry  -  CGEF · TNP06-Apr-2003
    4ACV11 Where No Fan Has Gone Before  -  CGEF · TNP21-Apr-2002
    4ACV12 The Sting  -  CGEF · TNP01-Jun-2003
    4ACV13 Bend Her  -  CGEF · TNP20-Jul-2003
    4ACV14 Obsoletely Fabulous  -  CGEF · TNP27-Jul-2003
    4ACV15 The Farnsworth Parabox  -  CGEF · TNP08-Jun-2003
    4ACV16 Three Hundred Big Boys  -  CGEF · TNP15-Jul-2003
    4ACV17 Spanish Fry  -  CGEF · TNP13-Jul-2003
    4ACV18 The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings  -  CGEF · TNP10-Aug-2003

    Bender's Big Score  -  IMDB · Deja Review27-Nov-2007

    About These Capsules

    Collaboration on episode capsules is one of the things that's made so much fun and so worthwhile. Those capsules now have a happy home at the Simpsons Archive website, where everyone can enjoy them.
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  • Capsule efforts on haven't been as complete. During the first season, a.t.s regular Jordan Eisenberg compiled some very ambitious capsules, but after that, there have mostly been scattered postings of capsule submissions. Also, the websites hosting them have been shut down and/or moved around, since some of the other things they host have attracted the attentions of Fox's lawyers.

    The mysterious "Me," Tom Georgoulias, and Sophie Mateju have risen to the occasion, putting together some of the missing capsules. I've decided to work on some of them myself, culling old a.t.f postings from Google Groups (a.k.a. Deja), and putting them here amongst my personal web pages. I figure if I just stick to capsules and things such as the timeline, no lawyers will need to get involved.

    Technical Note

    Futurama credits and other things are done in a spiffy typeface. There are reverse-engineered computer fonts that approximate this typeface, something no fan should be without. You can find them on some of the websites listed above, or use a good web search engine and search for a combination of "Ambient" and "font". I recommend a nice shareware version that's in a file named "ambient.ttf" and identifies itself as "Ambient".

    If you download one of these font files and install it on your computer, the titles and section headers on this site will be displayed in Ambient! Maybe someday I'll make some spiffy title graphics, but for now, that's the low-bandwidth way.

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