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Do You Want To Send Me Email?

I welcome friendly email of a social nature, sincere, noncommercial inquiries about my web pages, updates for, and submissions to Bikes Not Bombs and Screed. If that's what you want to contact me about, you are welcome to send me email at this address:

jym @ econet . org

If, however, you wish to send me junk mail, advertisements, "make money fast" schemes, chain letters of any sort, or anything else that comes under the classification known as junk email or "spam," your email is not welcome at all. In fact, I will charge a $500.00 handling fee for each such message I receive -- at any email address.

Sorry About That

For jus' plain regular folks who want to send me email: I'm sorry for the harshness of this web page, and I'm sorry that I have to mangle my email address like that. Unfortunately, the people who send junk email and spam collect email addresses from web pages and Usenet newsgroup postings, so we've lost the convenience of being able to let others automatically send us email.

If you would like to help fight this trend, take a look at the Fight Spam on the Internet! web page to see what you can do.

For people who send junk email and spam: No apologies at all. You send unsolicited advertisements to us at our own expense and against our wills. You people are thieves. Go find some honest work and leave us alone.

"Sending 'removes' is like being in a Florida swamp, and asking mosquitoes one at a time not to bite you."
    -- trebor