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My Bicycle Photos on flickr:
Alas, flickr implements things with JavaScript, so if you're smart and turned it off, you can't see my photo thumbnails here. But you can still click below.
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  • Bike organizations that I find worthwhile.
  • Ecological History Tours by bike in San Francisco.
  • Folding bikes are a passion.
  • Photo album of my other bikes.
  • Protect your bike from theft, etc.
  • Recommendations for various bicycle-related things.
  • San Francisco's Carnaval 2000 photo album featuring bikes (once again), of course.
  • Trailers for my bikes (and possibly yours).
  • ... and more web pages about Critical Mass

    Some Nifty Bike Pages

  • BikeBlog
  • Bike Cult
  • Bike Pirates
  • Bikes At Work Trailers, Workbikes, and Information
  • BikeTV
  • Chainwheel Tattoo Project
  • California State DMV Driver Handbook Section on Bikes
  • Exploratorium's Science of Cycling
  • Ken Kifer's Bike Pages
  • Living Room's Bike People Archives
  • Love Your Bike
  • Madison Bicycling Community Page
  • Major Taylor Humanitarian Association
  • New York City DoT Bicycle Information
  • Outlaw Bicycle Guide (Archives)
  • Pedal2Paradise
  • San Francisco City Bicycle Program, Bicycling, and Biking & Walking
  • Self-Propelled City
  • SF2G (San Francisco to Google)
  • Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Page
  • Urban Velo
  • Velorution Blog
  • Washington State DoT Bicycling (Livable Communities) Page

    Also, here's a link to Shimano's European Website, in case you ever need one of their exploded diagrams, which aren't on their American website.

  • => Dialogue <=

    [...][News] ·· ba.bicycles (Archive) ·· Usenet newsgroup for discussing bicycles and bicycling in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    [...][Mail] ·· Berkeleymass ·· Email list set up to discuss Critical Mass in the city of Berkeley.
    [...][Mail] ·· Bicycle-Friendly Berkeley Coalition ·· Email list set up by the BFBC, discusses bicycle advocacy and bicycling in the city of Berkeley.
    [...][Mail] ·· bicyclism ·· Email list to discuss bicycle advocacy worldwide.
    [...][Mail] ·· bikes-n-transit ·· Bikes 'n' transit email list. Older archives are
    [Home][Mail] ·· folding-bicycle ·· Email list to discuss bicycles that fold up, a useful feature when travelling or dealing with other transportation modes.
    [FAQ][News] ·· rec.bicycles.soc (Archive) ·· Usenet newsgroup for discussing bike advocacy and other social aspects of bicycling. Some of that discussion spills over into rec.bicycles.misc (Archive), too.
    [Home][Mail] ·· sfbike ·· Email list to discuss bicycles, bicycling, and Critical Mass in San Francisco. Older archives are at Topica,, and before, that, originated as an Econet conference list.sfbike (@igc) which is no longer gatewayed nor active.
    [...][Mail] ·· sf-critical-mass ·· Email list to discuss Critical Mass in San Francisco. This list is a spinoff of sfbike and is mostly redundant: sfbike is where most of the email action is, Critical Mass included. Older archives are

    "When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race."
        -- H.G. Wells

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