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This is the inevitable list of "hot links" or "cool sites" or whatever you want to call 'em. There's also some funny stuff here gleaned from the Internet (especially the Usenet) over the years. As usual, bold links go to a web page on this site, though it may be a gleaning that I didn't write myself. I've given credit when I could find it. You can find more of the same in the Frequently Posted Postings (FPP) Archive, the Interesting Text Files collection, and this Whimsy collection. Also, Silent Tristurls is a reliable source of good miscellaneous links.

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Fun 'n' Foolishness

@@ Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow ·· Alphabets ·· Anti-Telemarketing Counterscript ·· The Axis of Just as Evil ·· Ayn Rand Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval ·· Bananas Gone Wild! ·· Barbie Liberation Organization Instructions ·· Beached SUV Limo ·· Behind the Typeface: Cooper Black ·· California ·· Clash of the Titanic ·· Crayons in People Colors New! ·· Curious George ·· Curious George W. ·· Dancing Paul ·· De clunibus magnis amandis oratio ·· The Dr. Seuss Purity Test ·· The Effects of Celery on Loose Elastic ·· Elvis ·· Elvis Underground ·· Escher in Lego ·· Evil Cheney ·· Feral Cheryl ·· Garfield Love Secrets ·· Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation ·· God Hates Figs ·· Godzilla Building New! ·· The Gospel of Debbie ·· Groundhog Day ·· Horrton Hears a Heart! ·· Hummerdinger ·· Jesus' Homepage ·· Jesus of the Week ·· Jihad to Destroy Barney ·· Joey Skaggs ·· Laughing Squid ·· Lord of the Rings Directed by Howard Hawks ·· Make the Pie Higher ·· Meat Wars ·· Modern Hobo Code ·· Monty Python Haggadah ·· Mullets Galore ·· Our Long National Nightmare is Over (with Added Hyperlinks) ·· Polyester Liberation Organization ·· The PowerPoint Anthology of Literature ·· Powers of Ten ·· The Propaganda Remix Project ·· Romance Novels ·· The Seven Best Positions in Bed ·· Seven Deadly Sins Motivational Posters ·· Sexual Positions Free (More than Seven) ·· Shoelace Knot ·· Snowflakes As You've Never Seen Them Before New! ·· Socio-Math Problems for San Francisco ·· Star Wars as a Silent Movie New! ·· Stupid People's Court ·· SUV Tipping ·· This Old Souse ·· Tom Lehrer's "Element Song" ·· The Veeblefetzer Page ·· Vegan Porn ·· What Would Brian Boitano Do? ·· The Wit and Wisdom of Bill O'Reilly ·· Zombo

Headscape Whenever

Computer Fun 'n' Foolishness

@@ Alice and Bob ·· All Your Base Are Belong To Us ·· Blinkenlights ·· Computer Features ·· Design Your Own O'Reilly Book Cover ·· Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Pirated MP3s ·· English as She is Spoke vs. Babelfish ·· Error Message Gallery New! ·· Heavy Metal Umlaut: The Movie New! ·· Honor System Virus Alert ·· Instant Upgrade From Windows to MacOS ·· Interpreting Software Version Numbers ·· Interview With The Search Engine ·· Operating System Sucks-Rules-O-Meter ·· Silicon Valley Tarot Deck ·· Vax Bar ·· Windows Error Haikus

Classic Literature Fun 'n' Foolishness

@@ austenbook New! ·· Bloggus Caesari ·· Disney's Inferno ·· Lot 49 ·· The Skinhead Hamlet ·· Ulysses for Dummies

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Good Doctors

@@ Dr. Andrew Weil ·· Dr. Demento ·· Dr. John McDougall

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Frequently Questionable Answers

Clip 'n' save my helpful hints for Unsubscribing From Any Email List!
I don't have a California driver's license but I'm quoted in the California Driving FAQ (about bicycles).
I've never been to Italy but I'm quoted in an older version of the Coffee and Caffeine FAQ on the subject of making cappuccino in Italy. That FAQ also has tips on making espresso that I did contribute, but they're not credited to me; they can be recognized either by my mention of Thanksgiving Coffee or (on some copies) my "=o=" dingbats.
Folks were using a newsgroup named after "Devil Bunnies" and had no idea where the phrase came from. I explained it to them, so now I'm in the alt.devilbunnies FAQ.
I contributed nothing to the Golem-Building FAQ, but it's too irresistible not to include here.
I once posted a "Varieties of Feminism" article, prompting a thread which blossomed into the soc.feminism Terminologies FAQ.
I also wrote some stuff for the "Signatures" FAQ, showing how to add a signature to your messages with MH and Emacs mh-e (which I use), Emacs Mail Mode (which I use if MH isn't available), and Plain Old Unix Mail (which I use on pathetic systems that lack Emacs). My use of ASCII graphics in signatures has earned me a mention in the alt.fan.warlord FAQ, where they call me a "skilled stylist."
I appear in the Usenet Legends FAQ (a.k.a. the "Usenet Kooks" FAQ), as "notable mostly for [my] unique posting style and paragraph-starting markers, which are usually =o= ...". Well gosh, it's nice to be recognized for something, I guess, but dagnabbit, those things aren't "markers," they're dingbats.

Did You Know?

This "@@" dingbat is an electrical outlet, not a face. So there's no point in clicking on it, especially if your cursor is the pointing hand. Why would you want to stick your finger in an electrical outlet?

Come to think of it, even if it was a face, why would you want to poke it with your finger? What's your problem, anyway?

And in conclusion ... 

"You can't have everything. Where would you put it?"
    -- Steven Wright

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