This web page was created and originally hosted by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition to keep members updated about hearings and other events related to Chris Robertson, in the months after his death.

Chris Robertson
{Updated July 28, 2001}

Chris Robertson, an active San Francisco Bicycle Coalition member, volunteer and friend was killed by a truck on Friday Nov 17, 2000, in what appears to be an incident of road rage. The SFBC will continue to do its best to keep members informed of events surrounding the case as they find out about them.


  • April 27, 2001 Critical Mass ride for Chris
  • Lauren Robertson's page dedicated to Chris
  • Messenger Memorial page on Chris
  • What the SFBC has done so far
  • Pictures of Chris

  • Email List:

    A member has set up an special email list for friends and family to be able to share memories of their friendship with Chris and information about his case. You can subscribe or read it at

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    Letter from the DA's office November 28, 2000

    The SFBC received the following information by Fax from Fred Gardner of the DA's office late yesterday. He requested that we distribute this to the bicycle community.

    Public Information Office
    District Attorney
    City and County of San Francisco
    850 Bryant St.
    San Francisco, CA 94103

    Faxed to 431-2468 11/28

    Update on Espinoza case

    On the evening of Nov. 17 a truck allegedly driven by Reuben Espinoza ran
    over and killed bicyclist Chris Robertson. Espinoza was arrested on the
    scene by SF police and booked on a charge of vehicular manslaughter (which
    is involuntary by definition). He was released from custody Nov. 18 after
    posting bail of $15,000 (which is set by statute, based on the crime that
    has been charged). The SFPD investigators presented their report to the
    District Attorney's office on Nov. 20 for review. The DA deemed the
    investigation incomplete and requested that additional information be
    obtained and the case returned for review on Dec. 1. (It was erroneously
    reported in the media that charges had been "dropped" when in fact they had
    not been filed.)

    Upon reviewing the evidence Dec. 1, the DA's office will determine whether
    to make a charging decision or to request further investigation. Should the
    DA decide to charge the suspect, an arrest warrant would be prepared and
    presented to the court for issuance.

    -Fred Gardner

    How you can help

    Contact the D.A.s office at 553-9530 or 553-1596 to demand serious charges be brought up against the driver

    Write Letters to the Editor of the Chronicle & Examiner:

    (letters should be under 150 words and include your name, address and telephone number).

    We're also taking this opportunity to urge city officials to launch a citywide "Driver Awareness Campaign."

    Call or email the Mayor's Office and the Dept. of Parking & Traffic and urge them to support this important and clearly needed safety effort:
    CALL: 554-5965 (Mayor's Office of Legislative Affairs)
    CALL: 554-9835 (Fred Hamdun, Director, Dept. of Parking & Traffic)

    California AIDS Ride

    Before he died, Chris Robertson had planned to do the California AIDS ride for the 2nd time this upcoming June. His team members from the last ride will be sponsoring his rider #2115. Chris' family and friends will be also be riding and crewing in his honor on Calif AIDS ride 8.

    You can send a donation on Chris' behalf by using his rider number and going to this site: