This page was created after a judge ruled that the road-raging trucker, who actually confessed to using his big rig to play a "game of chicken," was at most guilty of "simple negligence" for killing Chris Robertson. Outraged bicyclists took to the streets at the next Critical Mass, in honor of Chris and in protest of this injustice.

A27 Fliers

For Motorists and Pedestrians 4-up
Murder 101, Lesson 1 - Murder 101, Lesson 1 4-up
Murder 101, Lesson 2 - Murder 101, Lesson 2 4-up
No Justice, No Peace 2-up (with cartoon)
No Justice, No Peace 4-up
Pop Quiz - Pop Quiz 4-up
Willie Brown Poster

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Come to Critical Mass on Friday, April 27, 2001.
So, It's Your First Critical Mass Ride? {April 24, 2001}


Indymedia coverage has been the most accurate:
Improving the Police Handling of Bicycling Issues {April 25, 2001}
Data Show SF Police Bias Against Cyclists {April 24, 2001}
Judge ignores critical evidence in trial {April 18, 2001}

San Francisco Examiner coverage:
Mobile wake for biker killed by truck {April 29, 2001}
Two Protests on A27 {April 27, 2001}
Biker's death spurs protest {April 23, 2001}
Article on Judge's pretrial absolution of felony charges {April 20, 2001}
"Wheels of Justice" political cartoon {April 19, 2001}
Article with eyewitness testimony (refers to cyclists as "ilk") {April 14, 2001}
When Good Drivers Go Bad {December 11, 2000}

San Francisco Chronicle coverage:
"More than 1,500 boisterous bicyclists" ride in memoriam {April 28, 2001}
Another Bicyclist Killed on Day of A27 Ride {April 27, 2001}
A "Blame the Victim" article (The excuse? "I didn't see him.") {April 18, 2001}
Excellent biography of Chris Robertson and the bike community's hopes for safer streets {March 2, 2001}
Article describing driver's criminal record and incident {February 7, 2001}
After 81 days, the driver is finally arrested and charged {February 6, 2001}
Cyclists lobby District Attorney Terrance Hallinan to take the case seriously {December 2, 2000}
After botching the initial investigation, the San Francisco police put out a call for eyewitnesses to the incident (almost 2 weeks after Chris' death) {November 29, 2000}

Earlier articles can be found on the Bicycle Coalition page.


Chris Robertson page at Rainbow Grocery
Chris Robertson page by the SF Bicycle Coalition
Chris Robertson's home page

Bicycle advocacy:
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition advocacy for SF cyclists
Bicycle Civil Liberties Union resources and advice
Critical Mass

San Francisco's mean streets:
Chron: Pedestrians Target SF's Mean Streets {April 26, 2001}
Death of bike messenger Casey Moe {April 19, 2001}
Bay Guardian: Messengers treated like "disposable people" {December 6, 2000}
Politically-motivated police violence {October 15, 1999}
Chron: Record 41 pedestrians die on S.F. streets {March 5, 1999}
Chron: SF Cyclists Get No Respect {August 6, 1998}
Chron: Police Brutalize Bike Event Spectator {August 3, 1998}
Chron: More Police Indifference to Street Violence {February 27, 1998}

Even pedestrians have organized for safe streets:
Baypeds - Pedsafe - Walk SF

Mayor Willie Brown has promoted anti-bike hysteria:
His election - His recall