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Many Bikes Not Bombs actions took place well before the war on Iraq started. Back to the Main BNB Page

15-March-2003 ("M15")

Boston: Rallies for Peace along Mass. Ave. ·· Vancouver: BIKES NOT BOMBS!!! ·· SF: CALLING ALL BICYCLISTS: Bike Against War!

Boston Indymedia's M15 Feature:

Rallies for Peace Held Along Mass. Ave., from Dorchester to Lexington

Peace rallies were held at fourteen major intersections along Massachusetts Avenue -- from Dorchester to Lexington -- from 10:00 am to noon on March 15. The one I attended at Porter Square had approximately five hundred people strung out along seven blocks. We were passed by two hundred bikers with Bikes Not Bombs and a three hundred person student peace march. ...
[ full story | summary of 3/14 civil disobedience ]

In the News Boston Globe - "Bikes Not Bombs" makes 35-mile round-trip from Boston to Lexington


Milan: "NO WAR" Critical Mass Route (Babelfished into English)


Norfolk and Suffolk, UK: Anti-War Cyclists Enter American Airbase


In the News Oregon Daily Emerald - Riders with a cause


Gainesville, Florida: March or Bike for Peace


Moscow, Idaho: Critical Mass for Three Weeks Running    Moscow, Idaho: 3rd Week of "No Blood for Oil" Community Bike Rides


NYC: Antiwar Critical Mass


SF: Photos from the Tinkers/PedalExpress Sounds System

15-February-2003 ("F15")

Newcastle, Australia: "Don't go to war for my oil." ·· Wien (Vienna): Less Cars/Less Oil/Less War ·· London: Wheels Against War!, Wheels Against War! Flyer ·· London: Pedal for Peace: We Had a HUGE Rally ·· Croydon, UK: Pedal Power at February -- and September -- Anti-War Rallies ·· Barcelona: ·· Bloc Ciclista Contra La Guerra, Bloc Ciclista Graphics ·· NYC: Bike Bloc Recap ·· Atlanta: Bike Bloc Joins in Caravan ·· Minneapolis: Peace and Pedals ·· Vancouver: Bikes Not Bombs Announcement, at the March ·· Portland: Peace March and Critical Mass Ride


Melbourne: Pedal for Peace at Largest Anti-War Rally Ever


In the News Sun.Star Manila - Youngsters Launch "Bike for Peace"


Moscow, Idaho: Critical Mass Community Bike Ride Against War for Oil


Vancouver: Bikes Not Bombs Critical Mass ·· LA: Bike for Peace


Edinburgh: Critical Mass Against The War


Portland: Critical Mass During Rally

Portland Indymedia's J18 Feature:

Critical Mass ride delights marchers

From the open publishing newswire: A spirited group of bikers splintered off from the radical feeder march to ride a critical mass ride through downtown Portland urging everyone to reduce the dependency on oil and the excuse for war.
The group gathered in the north park blocks and rode along with the feeder march before splitting off in from of Pioneer Square. From there, we rode around downtown to the delight of marchers who supported our messages of "Bikes not Bombs" and "No blood for oil". We also were able to recruit other cyclists who were taking part in the march. The ride had no cop presence and was trouble free, lasting about an hour and a half.
[ Two wheels good, four wheels bad ]

January 18 Peace Protest Critical Mass Ride

A group of Critical Mass riders gathered with the Radical Feeder March in the North Park blocks, and joined the Radical Feeder March to Pioneer Courthouse Square, at which point they split off and spent the next three hours Massing throughout downtown on the fringes of the main rally and march. Signs carried by the Mass included 'Honk if You're Part of the Problem', Who Would Jesus Bomb' and 'No War For Oil -- Ride a Bike -- Lose the SUV'. The mass varied in numbers throughout the afternoon from about 10 to 50 riders, and attracted many cyclists bound for the main rally.
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J18 Critical Mass Ride Analysis

Today's ride, despite its somewhat limited size, deserves analysis since it differed in significant ways from regular rides.
As we congregated with the Radical Feeder March for the war protest, it became apparent that it would be difficult to extract riders from the 1,500+ marchers. Establishing a meeting point which is shared with a march has it's limitations. People standing around without bikes effectively serve as "control rods" preventing critical mass from occurring.
We followed along with the march for a few blocks, bikes filtering to the front and riding circles at the head. When we arrived at Yamhill, where the march turned left, we did a bike lift in order to squeeze any stragglers from the crowd and began our ride in earnest. The route which we took for the next three hours circled and weaved around the perimeter of the 20,000+ permitted march occasionally peeling new riders off or losing riders to the crowd. While the number of riders never reached more than about 50 at any given time, I'd guess that close to 150 different people participated at some point.
[ Highlights ]


Sheffield, U.K.: Stop Esso, Stop the War


Across the U.K.: RAW! (Riding Against War) ·· Sheffield: Bikes Not Bombs Early Morning Action ·· Leeds, U.K.: Leeds Pedal for Peace ·· London: Pedal for Peace, Halowe'en Ride Against War
In the News Guardian U.K. - Leeds: Pedal for Peace


Atlanta: Bush Protest: "No Blood for Oil," "Bikes Not Bombs"


In the News Chico News & Review - Calendar Item: Bike for Peace


London: Bikes Not Bombs, Bike: No Blood for Oil


Sheffield, U.K.: Anti-War Demo ·· Sheffield, U.K.: "... trailing a solar powered generator and mobile DJ ..."


SF: Bicycling: A Quiet Statement Against Oil Wars (1-up PDF, 2 pages, 92K)

Long May It Wave

Bikes Not Bombs flag in Sheffield

This photo of a Bikes Not Bombs flag has been reprinted on Indymedia and other sites all over the world. It's from a 27-Oct-2001 demonstration in Sheffield, U.K.

Bikes Not Bombs Sign at Atlanta Bush Protest

This Bikes Not Bombs sign is from Atlanta's "Bike Bloc".

Bikes Not Bombs flag in Springfield

This beautiful Bikes Not Bombs flag is from Springfield, Oregon.

Bikes Not Bombs banner in Washington, D.C.

This Bikes Not Bombs banner from Washington, D.C. is world-famous! It was mentioned in an Associated Press newswire story that's been published all over the world.

Bikes Not Bombs banner in Vancouver

This colorful Bikes Not Bombs banner is from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Bikes Not Bombs Sign in Atlanta

Another Bikes Not Bombs sign from Atlanta, at a Critical Mass ride.

Bikes Not Bombs Sign in San Francisco

This Bikes Not Bombs sign was at a San Francisco Bikes Not Bombs ride.

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