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"Bikes Not Bombs" is not a new idea, but it's a timely one. All around the world, bicyclists ride to protest oil wars, oil war policies, and to show a peaceful and positive alternative to wasting so much oil. This site is a "newswire" of Bikes Not Bombs and Bike Bloc affinity groups in action: often from Indymedia, written in the participants' own words, and sometimes in the words of the mainstream media.
    -- Jym Dyer
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NYC: Call for Cyclists Arrested Around the Week of the RNC ·· Was your bike "stolen" during the RNC?
In the News New York Newsday - "Police ... threw some people off the bikes." ·· Christian Science Monitor - "They gave us no warning whatsoever" ·· New York Newsday - "Shameful abuse of power:" city will not return 388 bikes ·· New York Newsday - "... prosecutors will release hundreds of bicycles ..." ·· New York Daily News - ... fingering the now broken bell on his bike. ·· New York Daily News - Every hour of every day is a cars-and-trucks Critical Mass.


NYC: Press Release: Peaceful Cyclists to Reclaim City Streets ·· "Critical Mash" in Honor of Arrested Bicyclists ·· Libelous NYPD Press Release ·· To everyone attending: stand strong, stand peaceful. ·· Ride Photos #1, #2, #3, #4 ·· Ride Report #1, #2

NYC Indymedia Features:

News :: Environment : Everyday Life : Urban Development
Critical Mass: Peaceful Cyclists to Reclaim City Streets
by TIME'S UP!24 Sep 2004

Manhattan's car-clogged streets will be reclaimed by thousands of cyclists this Friday in the boro's first Critical Mass since 264 cyclists were arrested on the August 27 ride. Over 5,000 people participated in the August ride, New York City's largest Critical Mass ever.

Cyclists, rollerbladers and skateboarders will gather at 7:00 p.m. in Union Square on Friday, Sept. 24, for their monthly group ride through the city to promote environmentally-sustainable transportation and to raise awareness about cyclists' rights.

The City of New York, however, is once again making noises about arrests at Critical Mass. Before last month's anti-RNC mass, there had been few, if any, Critical Mass arrests.

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News :: Everyday Life
Critical Mass Crackdown Continues
Newswire Reports26 Sep 2004

Several Arrests, Bikes Seized, Police Tactics "Backfire"

"Hundreds of cyclists returned to the streets of Manhattan tonight in the monthly celebration of bicycles known as Critical Mass ... Organizers estimated the turnout at nearly 1,000 bicyclists, and as they poured onto Fifth Avenue from the north end of Union Square, the celebratory spirit that is a hallmark of the event was only slightly dampened by the rows of police on scooters that seemed to be everywhere." [Read More]

"Critical Mass riders tonight refused to be herded by roving scooter-cop pens. Hundreds of riders spontaneously broke away from the NYPD approved designated parade route(?!) at Park Ave. and 53rd St. and reaffirmed the spirit of Critical Mass rides; no designated leaders, no set route ... Throughout the ride there was tremendous support from onlookers and alot more awareness of who we were. The Mayor's plan to stifle free speech seems to have backfired. More people than ever now know about Critical Mass and support the cyclists." [Read More]

[See Pictures]

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In the News New York Newsday - Cops plan to stop "Critical Mass" ride ·· New York Times - Police threaten arrests ·· New York Daily News - "People are concerned about being arrested." ·· New York Newsday - Critical Mass ride tonight, cops warn cyclists ·· New York Times - Cyclists arrested: "They blocked us in." ·· New York Newsday - Critical Mass: Lots of bikes, but far less drama ·· New York Daily News - "This ride unifies everyone who cycles ..." ·· New York Times - Police Sawed Through Locks and Seized Bikes


NYC: Critical Mass Open Forum Flyer (2-up/4-up PDF, 2.6M)

NYC Indymedia Feature:

Announcement :: Environment :: Everyday Life :: Protest, Resistance & Direct Action
Critical Mass Open Forum
by There Are No Leaders16 Sep 2004

Do you ride a bike? Do you have something to say about Critical Mass?

If you are concerned about the future of Critical Mass, would like to voice your thoughts on what happened at August's ride, or want to share your ideas about future rides, please attend this open community forum on this important group bike ride! Let's keep it strong and a positive force for New York City bicyclists, as it is for bicyclists in nearly 400 cities around the world.

WHEN:  Monday, September 20, 2004, 7:00pm
WHERE: Theater for the New City
       155 First Avenue (between 9th/10th Streets)

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San Diego: Bike Bloc at Local Parade


Madrid, Spain: Critical Mass in Solidarity with NY Bikers


Torino, Italy: Critical Mass in Solidarity with 256 NYC arrestees

NYC Indymedia Feature:

News :: RNCWatch
Call to Cyclists Arrested Around the Week of the RNC.
by Matthew Roth02 Sep 2004

Time's Up! is collecting information from cyclists arrested around RNC events, whether part of demonstrations or not.

Over the past week, the NYPD has targeted cyclists and made nearly 400 bike arrests. They've confiscated even more bikes, in some cases cutting locks and taking bikes that were purportedly ridden by ``protestors.'' On Sunday, August 29th, without prior notification and without providing justification, the NYPD instituted a ``bike-frozen zone'' between 34th St. and 59th St., west of 6th Avenue. Our confiscated bikes are being held in a facility in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and many of them are not scheduled to be released until our court dates, in some cases months from now.

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NYC: Legal Support for Arrested Bikers & Confiscated Bikes

Ongoing Throughout August-2004

NYC: Bike National Convention ·· Bike Blocs at the Republican National Convention ·· Bike National Convention Calendar Poster (1-up PDF) ·· Bikes Against Bush (Chalkbiker) ·· Tamale Bike Brigade ·· A personal recollection of riding at the RNC ·· GOP Invades City, NYPD Arrests Beloved Bikers
In the News Village Voice - Meet the Resistance: TIME'S UP! ·· New York magazine - "TIME’S UP! will hold a 'Bike National Convention'" ·· New York Newsday - Bike National Convention: Pedals to political mettle ·· WiReD - Bike Writer (Chalkbiker) Pedals for Protests ·· Village Voice - "On bicycles, handing out vegan black-bean tamales" ·· The Nation - "Bicycling demonstrators, obviously nonviolent, ..."


NYC: Bike Communiqué ·· Still We Ride: A31 Bike Bloc Announcement ·· Bike Bloc Photos #1, #2

NYC Indymedia Feature:

A31: Breaking News
08:22 PM
About 100 people broke away from Herald Sqaure, taking over the street on 28th just off of 5th. Police ran down Madison Ave chasing the group on bikes first then dropped bikes to pursue marchers on foot. People are being tackled and arrested. Protesters are now at park and 26th, shoved face-down on ground. Media is gathered at the corner, being pushed back.
06:11 PM
People from the bike bloc are being arrested at 40th and Broadway. The crowd which was at the library is being pushed down 40th. 15-20 arrests reported so far with an "absolutely obnoxious police presence."
05:28 PM
30 bikes have been detained at 40th and Broadway.
04:53 PM
Bike Bloc is leaving Union Square in small packs, trying to avoid arrest.
04:32 PM
Bike Bloc amassing in Union Square. High energy. 50-100 bikers.
Archived Breaking News


NYC: NYPD "Critical Mass"
August 30: Breaking News
11:57 AM
A recently released protester arrested yesterday with the Bike Bloc reports hearing police claim to have confiscated 700 bikes.
11:15 PM
People who were arrested and are now trying to retrieve their belongings from the police warehouse at 520 Kingsland in Brooklyn are being denied their bicycles and other property. If you have had your property seized it may be better to wait to claim it until others meet with some success.
Archived Breaking News


NYC: Bike Bloc Announcement ·· Bike Bloc Ride Report #1, #2 ·· Calling All Arrested Bikers #1, #2 ·· Tempe, AZ: Solidarity Critical Mass in Arizona

NYC Indymedia Feature:

August 29: Breaking News
09:43 AM
The 'build up' at pier 57 earlier this evening was mainly from people standing outside in the bike lane area. Cops eventually dispersed the area. There was a small standoff, but no drama.
08:51 PM
Update on jail solidarity demo: lawyers at Pier 57 say there are no arrests being made.
08:08 PM
Police say they are getting ready to arrest jail solidarity demonstrators in front of Pier 57
08:51 PM
Police are reportedly arresting bikers heading uptown. They are trying to redirect people towards 5th ave. This may be a trap. 6 arrests are reported at 6th and 34th.
12:37 PM
Undercover motorcycle cops attack cyclists in the bike bloc at 6th ave and west 41st. Appx 40 arrests have been made. Cyclists are reconvening at Union Sq. south.
12:24 PM
Bike bloc reportedly experiencing mass arrests at 7th and 34th
12:01 PM
Broadway and 34th, 3 cyclists and at least 2 legal observed taken into custody, unconfirmed reports from nyc legal of arrests at 41st and 7th.
11:41 PM
200 bikes heading eastbound on 14th from University place
Archived Breaking News
In the News New York Times - "Police arrested people who were not protesting ..." ··New York Times - "Officers on motor scooters had rammed some bikes ..." ··Seattle Times - "Most of those arrested were bicyclists ..."


NYC: "Bikes Against Bush" Chalkbiker Arrested ·· Chalkbiked "Free Speech Zone" ·· RingOut Bike Bell Ride Announcement ·· RingOut Bike Bell Ride Photo ·· Police Harass TIME'S UP! Bike Space

NYC Indymedia Features:

News :: Protest, Resistance & Direct Action
Activist bike creator Joshua Kinberg arrested 8/28/2004
by yatta29 Aug 2004

Bikesagainstbush creator Joshua Kinberg was arrested while taping an interview with MSNBC's Ron Reagan in Manhattan Saturday afternoon.

Kinberg was stopped by police while demonstrating the bicycle for the television interview. His bicycle is a high-tech graffiti writer, using chalk to print anti-Bush political messages sent by people via the internet. Apparently there was a question of whether or not the sprayed messages were a defacement of property.

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August 28: Breaking News
07:08 PM
Approximately 50 bike cops are outside of the Time's Up space. There was a helicopter and a blimp surveiling the area.
06:10 PM
100 bicyclists left the WTC site heading West on Barclay. About a dozen cops on scooters are following them.
05:30 PM
At the World Trade Center, hundreds are gathering amidst the tolls of bells that symbolize solidarity and unity against the Republican National Convention. Participants - facing four directions - will encircle the site and ring at least 2,749 bells for 9/11.
Archived Breaking News
In the News The Villager - Photo Feature: You rang?


NYC: RNC Critical Mass 2004 Flyer (1-up HTML, 180K) ·· RNC Critical Mass 2004 Announcement ·· NYPD "Reminders to Bicyclsts" (Text), "Reminders to Bicyclists" (Scanned) ·· Timeline of the Ride ·· Critical Mass Ride Report #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8
·· Critical Mass Photos #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22 ·· [Video] Video: 48.2MB, ?MB, 4.5 MB, 94KB, 13.6 MB ·· Audio ·· NYCLU Questions Critical Mass Arrests ·· IMC Feature: Largest Ever NYC Critical Mass

NYC Indymedia's A27 CM Features:

News :: RNCWatch
First notes on the Critical Mass
by NYC Inydmedia28 Aug 2004

The first wave of posts on tonight's Critical Mass have come in. The ride was New York's largest Critical Mass, with well over 5,000 bikes.

Gathering at Union Square in the middle of Manhattan at 7 p.m. and departing at 7:30, oil-free transportation stretched across all horizons around Union Square. First pedaling south down Broadway and then rerouting north on Madison and Sixth avenues, Critical Mass consisted of a 45 block long brigade of cyclists, skaters and pedestrians. The ride lasted about 2 hours, performed its traditional occupation of Times Square and rode past Madison Square Garden (MSG), site of the RNC.

Approximately 800 Critical Massers ended up at St. Mark's church in lower Manhattan, sanctuary for the protest and home to much of the organizing for the counter RNC mobilizing. Upon arriving at the church, the Critical Mass riders hoisted their bikes into the air, waving them overhead as they unleashed a long unified victory cry.

The celebratory mood at St. Mark's lasted only fifteen minutes though before police moved and began arresting participants. Critical Mass riders elsewhere were caught and arrested by New York City Police along the way. Several riders were taken down after passing MSG, dozens more were arrested at the Lincoln Tunnel.

Video of the evening being processed by the Indymedia Center right now shows the regrettably predictable violent nature of the arrests. Caught on tape are images of protesters being thrown off their bicycles, heads beaten into the asphalt, then cuffed with plastic flexi-cuffs. Pedestrians milling about also unfortunately fell victim to the cops, getting pulled off the street and arrested too. The latest reports put the total amount of arrested riders and bystanders at 250 people.

Stories: [1 | 2 | 3]
Photos: [1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6]
Audio: [1 | 2]
Video: [1]
NYPD Notice to Bicyclists
Corporate Media: [1 | 2 | 3]

Critical Mass arrests and other news
01:29 AM
NYPD Public Information says: 264 arrests. They're all being held in Pier 57, going through the system. Person said that they are mostly getting minor tickets; DATs. Arrestees are going to be arraigned starting at 6AM.
01:21 AM
Central Booking says: They have a list of all the names of all the arrestees (so call if you need to: 212-374-3838). They will NOT be arraigned tonight because the judge has gone home. They are going to be transferred from Pier 57 to Central Booking.
12:41 AM
It appears that arrestees are being taken to Pier 57. 3 or 4 buses have arrived, people are being let out of the buses and processed.
12:22 AM
Mixed reports regarding release information. Arrestees are likely being taken either to Central 100 Centre St. or to Pier 57 (b/w 15th St. and 16th St. at the West Side Highway). NYPD Central Booking says that people arrested during Critical Mass won't be processed for at least 4-6 hours.
11:08 PM
Police are now reporting at least 250 cyclists arrested.
11:03 PM
The show at St. Mark's Church is starting up. There is reportedly a band starting up and a crowd of people in the church courtyard. The buses carrying arrestees and many but not all police have withdrawn from the area.
10:57 PM
IMC reporters near St. Mark's Church on 2nd Ave. report police loading arrestees into buses and clearing the streets.
10:45 PM
Police report at least 54 arrests.
10:34 PM
Cyclists are attempting to escape the street closure by going directly through the barricades.
10:30 PM
Within the next half hour, Outernational is scheduled to play a show to a packed house at St. Marks Church. However, the church is currently surrounded by police. A NYC IMC reporter on the scene describes it as a "concert under siege."
10:26 PM
Street closure at 9th Ave. & 23rd St. He reports that bikes are trapped; there are at least 6 police wagons present and cops are trying to fill them up with arrestees.
10:23 PM
A reporter from DC IMC says that at 10th St. & 2nd Ave cops are throwing bikes onto flatbeds. It appears as if all arrests have been made there.
10:16 PM
Police are getting ready to arrest over 100 people near the Lincoln Tunnel.
10:00 PM
Approx 24 people are being arrested at 9th St. & 2nd Ave. Hundreds of New Yorkers coming from surrounding bars have poured into the streets and are shouting, "Fuck Bush," and "No Police State."
09:59 PM
All traffic between 8th St. & 14th St. east of 3rd Ave. has been halted. Cops have cordoned off the entire area.
09:57 PM
Michigan IMC reporter has been arrested.
09:53 PM
Eight police wagons and a mass of police are currently heading to the St. Marks Church Area.
09:45 PM
Cops are literally dragging people off of the street, pulling them off their bikes and arresting them in front of St. Marks Church.
09:40 PM
Critical Mass riders have formed at "donut shape" around cops in front of St. Marks Church. Reports that cyclists are chanting "Let them go!" while holding their bikes in the air. A police wagon is en route to 2nd Ave. & 9th Street.
09:38 PM
The police report that people who show ID will be processed and released immediately from Pier 57. Those without ID will be sent to the Tombs.
09:36 PM
Cops at St. Marks Church are only arresting people who are on the street. People looking on from the sidewalk appear to be safe from arrest for the moment.
09:35 PM
Amidst the arrests, cops are leaving bicycles behind. The NLG will be taking arrestees bicycles to their office. If your bike was abandoned, call 212-679-6018 to identify and retrieve your bicycle.
09:34 PM
More cops en route to 2nd Ave & 10th St.
09:30 PM
Police using nitesticks are plowing into the crowd in front of St. Marks Church. A helicopter overhead is shining a light onto the crowd.
09:27 PM
Arrests in progress on 2nd Ave. between 10th & 14th Streets. Cops on scooters are pushing people out of the streets. Croud is chanting, "Let them go."
09:20 PM
A group of riders has gathered at St. Marks Church for festivities and revelry. There are at least 1,000, perhaps more gathered on the streets.
09:17 PM
At 36th Street & Dyer, cops will not allow people to watch, or take photographs. NLG observers are on scene, but it is unclear whether they are being allowed to observe arrests.
09:15 PM
14th Street & West Side Highway: many empty police buses and police cars are being dispatched. Riders are being corralled along 14th Street.
09:12 PM
Confirmed that some Critical Mass riders are riding nude on 1st Ave. & 23rd Street.
09:10 PM
Persons on the street report that a bus full of Critical Mass riders have been arrested, location unknown.
09:08 PM
Critical Mass continues north on 1st Ave in the 20's.
09:06 PM
Reports coming in that police are calling for vans and buses possibly in preparation for mass arrests. Most activity and arrests seem to be happening on 7th Ave.
09:04 PM
Dozens of arrests at 34th Street & 7th Ave. She recounts "less than friendly" treatment by police.
09:01 PM
Instersection at 34th & 35th has been cleared, 34-35 have been arrested. According to a street reported, several have alson had their bikes confiscated.
09:00 PM
After a very festive bicycle ride, police, with the use of blockades are forcing cyclists to split up.
08:58 PM
More arrests near the Lincoln Tunnel.
08:56 PM
Arrests also at 35th & 7th Avenue and 35th & 9th Ave.
08:52 PM
Seven arrested at 14th Street & 7th Avenue. NLG and many witnesses on the scene. Police may attempting to corral cyclists.
08:48 PM
Police have blocked 7th Avenue, cyclists are being forced to ride against traffic.
08:46 PM
Estimates of 10,000 bikes total.
08:45 PM
Hundreds of people at Wash Sq. South, going east.
08:35 PM
March is 45 blocks long (!). Heading south on 7th Ave. on 22nd St.
08:30 PM
Where's Critical Mass? Check out Live NYC Webcams to find them.
08:24 PM
Ride is passing Madison Square Garden from Times Square.
08:21 PM
The two rides that were split by the cops have met up and are heading towards Time Square.
08:18 PM
Two arrests on 43rd and Broadway.
08:04 PM
At the corner 6th & 30th, caller reports that a couple hundred bikes seem to have broken off. This ride is HUGE.
07:58 PM
Group split in 2, one group going on Madison at 40th heading North, other on 6th at 51st.
07:54 PM
There seems to be a blockade, ride spontaneously rerouted. Going west on 30th now.
07:44 PM
Bikes are in the air at 34th and 6th (Herald Square), cheering.
07:41 PM
The end of the ride just left! Front is at 30th St. and Broadway.
07:37 PM
White SUV plowed through ride, created hole in ride, injured 1 rider, damaged several bikes, medics on the scene. Caller: "impossible to judge" size. White SUV driver was allegedly Foxy Brown.
07:31 PM
At least 5,000. There is a really loud response from pedestrians, waving, riding, cheering "shut it down." There is great support, they are lining the sidewalks.
07:28 PM
Latest crowd estimate 3,000 - 5,000. Heading northbound on 6th Ave.
07:24 PM
Broadway and 4th, heading Southbound. The march is so long that we are getting reports both that the march has left and that it hasn't left yet. Cops on bikes too.
07:16 PM
Critical Mass has departed. Over 2000 cyclists.
07:05 PM
West side of 3rd avenue, b/w 13th and 14th, there is a substantial police presence. Along the whole West side of 3rd Avenue there is a whole row of parked police vans. Police have handcuff ties.
6:51 PM
Report from Union Square: 1000 bikes there already, 31 police scooters on the Eastern face of the park. Helicopers overhead. Bikers ready to go.
Archived Breaking News
In the News Mercury News - "Critical Mass bike ride is likely to snarl traffic" ·· New York Times - Cyclists Are Arrested as Thousands Ride in Protest ·· Village Voice - Wild Scene Outside St. Marks Church ·· Associated Press - Police arrest 250 in mass bicycle protest ... ·· Associated Press - ... saying they caused "massive disruptions" ·· CNN - 264 arrested in N.Y. cycle protest ·· Democracy Now - Over 260 Arrested in First Major Protest of RNC ·· WCBS - Police Arrest Hundreds of Bike Protesters ·· New York Daily News - "Whose streets? Our streets" ·· New York Daily News - Police bust bike protests ·· New York Post - 149 Busted in Pedal Pests' Tour de Farce ·· Washington Post - "... indiscriminate arrests of people who did nothing wrong ..."


NYC: Bikers Greet DNC-to-RNC March, Photos #1, #2 ·· Our beloved Critical Mass ride is under attack

NYC Indymedia's Pre-A27 CM Feature:

Announcement :: Environment : Protest, Resistance & Direct Action : Urban Development
Critical Mass Subject to Police Harassment
by NYC-IMC26 Aug 2004
What:  Critical Mass
When:  Friday, August 27th, 7pm
Where: Union Square North

Documents show that the New York Police Department is cracking down on Critical Mass as the Republican Convention approaches. Using a traditional police tactic, the City of New York is trying to divide "good" bicyclists from "bad" bicyclists.

In a letter reprinted below addressed to the nonprofit Transportation Alternatives, the City writes: "it is not our desire to summons or arrest your members. Therefore, we request ... [that you] notify your members of this situation, so that those who wish to ride with "Critical Mass" will obey all traffic and penal laws." (see letter).

Read the full article...

In the News New York Newsday - Bikers could face mass arrest ·· New York Post - Cops may strike out bikes ·· New York Daily News - Environmentalist bicyclists are staging a "critical mass"


NYC: Paula Revere's Ride: "The Republicans are coming!" ·· Ride Photos #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 ·· Video

NYC Indymedia's Photo Feature:

News :: RNCWatch
Photos of Some Events
by NYC-IMC26 Aug 2004

On August 24, Paula Revere rode down the streets of NYC to alert New Yorkers to the Republican invasion.

Read the full article...

In the News Village Voice - Meet the Resistance: Greene Dragon


Boston: Call for Critical Mass ·· Critical Mass Pictures (and Pirate), Critical Mass @ DNC ·· Boston CM During DNC


Oakland, CA: Call for Bikes Not Bombs to Ride on West Oakland


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Ongoing Throughout 2003

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In the News Boston Globe - "Bikes Not Bombs" makes 30-mile round trip


Vancouver: A12 Bikes Not Bombs Action ·· Portland: Critical Mass Kicked Ass!!

Portland Indymedia's A12 Feature:

Critical Mass Kicked Ass!!

From the open publishing newswire: I think we finally had a good Critical Mass tonight. We started out in the north park blocks, and instead of directly taking Burnside, went a slightly different route. The cops were mighty confused about that, and we only had light police presence. (note, taking different routes=good) Then we decided to swing up to the PPRC protest at the Art Museum. PPRC was there protesting the posh dinner and exhibit on American Propaganda, oops, I mean ``Americana,'' as the supposed art form is called. This dinner was hosted by such noteworthy fascists as Commandant Katz, and Reich Marshal Gordon Smith. It was a happy moment when CM met up with PPRC, kind of like the cavalry joining the infantry. We rallied there for a bit, then decided to circle around the area. We met up a few more times with the rally, and then decided to take Burnside to 23rd. went around 23rd, then to 21st, then to PGE park where there was a baseball game going on. After getting all the sports fans attention, we took off back downtown, and the ride ended nicely with the remnants of the PPRC protest.
[ Read More... ]


DC: "News"ic Video from Critical Mass


Barcelona, Spain: Bicycle Boycott of BP (Babelfished into English) ·· Barcelona, Spain: Stop the City, Act Against War (Babelfished into English) ·· Barcelona, Spain: Bicycle Boycott, 300 strong, at 7:35pm, 9:20pm


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28-March-2003 ("M28" -- the last Friday of the month)

The last Friday of the month is when many cities usually have Critical Mass rides. Bikes Not Bombs was part of many of them.
Genève (Geneva): Critical Mass Says NO To War Against Iraq (Babelfished into English) ·· Edinburgh: Critical Mass for Peace ·· Edinburgh: Empowering Anti-War Critical Mass ·· Belfast: Bikes Not Bombs Report ·· Dublin: Critical Mass Cycle Tomorrow ·· Dublin: Critical Mass Photos #1, #2 ·· NYC: Ride a Bike, Stop the War, Two Wheels, Not Four! ·· Baltimore: Bikes Against the War ·· Baltimore: Four Arrested at Critical Mass ·· DC: The Heat All Over Bikes Not Bombs Ride ·· Hamilton, Ontario: Bikes! Not Bombs: Pedal for Peace (and Ecology) ·· Cleveland: Critical Mass Bike Ride Has Been Called ·· Cleveland: Critical Mass: A Smashing Success ·· Chicago: Friday Critical Mass: Bikes Not Bombs! ·· Minneapolis: Bikes Not Bombs: Critical Mass ·· Denver: Bikes Not Bombs / Critical Mass ·· LA: Take the Gas Out of the War Machine ·· SF: Critical Mass Peace Ride this Friday ·· SF: Shut Down City M28 ·· SF: Invite to Critical "Embedded" Mass ·· SF: History is not Made by "Great Men" (1-up PDF, 22K) ·· SF: Critical Mass Photos (Small) ·· SF: Critical Mass gets underway! ·· SF: Photos: Bikes Not Bombs/Critical Mass ·· SF: Critical Mass Pix ·· SF: Broadway Tunnel, 8:00 pm ·· SF: Critical Mass: After Night Falls ·· Arcata: Bikes Not Bombs Circles Plaza at Vigil ·· Vancouver: Peace Ride: an Act of Creation, Peace Ride: Bikes Not Bombs is You (1-up PDF)

SF Indymedia's M28 Feature:

Fri. 3/28 Evening: Thousands of cyclists took to the streets for a combined Critical Mass and Bikes Not Bombs.   Bikes left Justin Herman Plaza shortly after 6PM, and after trying to get onto the Bay Bridge the ride broke into small contingents shutting down car traffic all over downtown San Francisco.
Photos: [#1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 ]
Posts calling for daily bikes not bombs rides: [#1 | #2 ]
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From the Critical Mass "Bikes Not Bombs" bike ride -

9:30PM: UPDATE: There are vague reports of an incident that happened at some point during this evening's critical mass ride. A person on bike was hit by a police motorcycle, and then grabbed off the bike. Other riders were told to move onto the sidewalk. Unconfirmed report that the individual hit was "taken" somewhere. More details to come as things are confirmed.

Scores of people gathered this evening, after the work day ended, in Dupont Circle. Many gathered to take advantage of an open-microphone speak-out against war and to participate in a special "Bikes Not Bombs" Critical Mass bike ride. Those who shared their thoughts spoke about the need for everyone to exercise their first admenment rights, to keep protesting and to be conscious of creeping fascism. Washington Post articles and poems were shared. Women, men and children spoke in between music. As people enjoyed the warm evening, police built up a presence around the circle with cars, unmarked vans, bicycle cops and mounted motorcycle officers. A helicopter hovered over the circle and then followed the Critical Mass as it wound through the embassy-laden neighborhoods north and west of the circle.

At about 6:30, the Critical Mass bike ride took off and stopped at Rumsfeld's house, near Kalorama and 22nd streets, across from the French Embassy. They stopped to taunt Rumsfeld's house and the security detail and proclaim anti-war slogans. They blocked the street for several minutes. Local drivers detoured themselves around the block without much invconvenience, but large black Secret Service vehicles trying to get into Rumsfeld's driveway were held up for a little while. One woman, who lived in the neighborhood and was walking her dog wasn't aware that Rumsfeld lived nearby. Upon hearing that she was in front his house and he was the reason for the commotion, she said today: "Well, I'm glad. Keep it up." As the riders rode off, chanting "Stop the war in iraq--We'll be back!", she said: "I hope they are. I'm no friend of his." Some joked that Rumsfeld's disdain for France (and then Germany) was really rooted into some neighborhood dispute with the French embassy across the street.

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20-March-2003 ("M20" or "Day X" -- the day the war began)

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