On the Internet, nobody knows whether you have Buddha-nature.
Sure we were young.
We were arrogant.
We were ridiculous.
There were excesses.
We were brash.
We were foolish.
We had factional fights.
But we were right.
 -- Abbie Hoffman

Jym Dyer Tells All!!!

Well, uh, not really.

This is the usual spot for autobiography, but I prefer to keep a low profile. I'm sure all of us have been seen in the company of weird characters from time to time, or are addicted to various drugs, come from places like Pittsburgh or have unauthorized religious beliefs. There's no need to draw attention to these things, though. At least, that's what my Federal Witness Protection Program caseworker says.

Actually, if you look through these pages, I guess you'll figure out that I'm a peacenik vegetarian bicyclist, just like this guy.

But hey, this is the Web, where image rules over substance, so why don't I just whip out some photos?

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Jym and chicks, 2004. Photo by Nina Paley.
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I'm bad; I'm nationwide. I guess the technical term is bicoastal. One of the places is live in is San Francisco, and people always ask me what it's like living in a place that's so world-famous. Take a look at this photo to get an idea of a typical day in Our Fair City: bikes, cellphones, cops, environmental activism, and snappy attire.

Many organizations wonder who the heck I am.

A True Story

I've been on the Internet for much too long, and I've posted a few thousand carefully-researched articles ... and a handful of flames. Out of all of the messages I've posted, though, this is the one I'm proudest of:

Newsgroups: sci.math,sci.bio,sci.physics,sci.chem,alt.religion.kibology
From: jym©remarque.berkeley.edu (Jym Dyer)
Subject: Re: Why do "two negatives make a positive"?
> But of course there is NO language in which two positives
> make a negative...

=o= Yeah, right.

This response has taken on a life of its own. Apparently, decades earlier, a speaker made the same statement about there being no languages in which two positives make a negative, and the philosopher Sidney Morgenbesser responded, "Yeah, yeah ...." I've read a version of this story in which the speaker was a professor and I was a student in his class, and another version in which I was a student in Morgenbesser's class! Also, until I corrected it, Wikipedia had Morgenbesser saying my words: "Yeah, right."

"The problem with irony is that, if it is too well done, people will think you're being serious."
    -- Umberto Eco

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