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Jym's Earth First! Page

A Few Articles

These articles are a good read, and document the transformation of Earth First! in the 1990s.

  • Tree-Spiking Renunciation Memo Apr-1990
  • Why I Am Not A Misanthrope, by Judi Bari 2-Feb-1991
  • The Sierra Club Surrender, by Judi Bari 20-Mar-1991
  • The PALCO Papers, by Judi Bari 27-Mar-1991
  • Why I Hate The Corporate Press, by Judi Bari 24-Apr-1991
  • Community Under Siege, by Judi Bari 8-May-1991
  • Misery Loves Company, by Judi Bari 22-May-1991
  • Who Bombed Steve Talbot? by Judi Bari 29-May-1991
  • Earth First! Letter to ABC Network News 7-Apr-1996
  • Earth First! is Not the Unabomber, by Judi Bari Apr-1996
  • A Few Links

  • Books about the Earth First! movement.
  • Caslon Antique: the unofficial official font of EF!
  • Earth First! Journal is the movement's primary newsletter in the United States.
  • Headwaters Forest Earth First! site shows some of the 1990s struggles in the redwoods.
  • Judi Bari was one of the movement's great activists.
  • A Few Words About Judi Bari

    Most of the articles I'm offering here were written by Earth First! activist Judi Bari, one of the foremost organizers responsible for the flowering of Earth First! into its present form. She was also an excellent writer and speaker (some of the articles are transcriptions of speeches). She died in 1997 of breast cancer. Find out more about her at the Judi Bari web page, and I especially recommend her "Revolutionary Ecology" essay.

    Bari's articles usually appeared first in the Anderson Valley Advertiser, a freewheeling publication that didn't have much in the way of copyright notices. Some of the articles appeared later in the Earth First! Journal, which permits reprints. I transcribed these articles from the AVA, added anything new that might have been in the EF! Journal article, and posted them to the Usenet.

    In 1992, Bari collected most of her articles into a self-published book, Timber Wars and Other Writings. This book's copyright notice permits non-commercial reprints, provided that copies show the book title and author as the source. I've appended this notice to these web versions of my transcriptions.

    I won't be transcribing additional essays from the book, and I won't be editing these transcriptions to match the edits in the book. I think you (and everybody else) should buy the book. Think of these articles as a "sampler."

    Disclaimer: Nobody pays me for providing these articles, and I receive no money from sales of Timber Wars. I think you should buy it anyway. Please also donate to The Judi Bari Trust Fund, which provides for her children, c/o M.E.C., 106 W. Standley St., Ukiah CA 95482; and also to The Redwood Justice Fund, to support Bari's and Cherney's still-pending lawsuit, at P.O. Box 14720, Santa Rosa CA 95402.

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