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These are my own personal pages of Greenpeace information. I do not represent Greenpeace in any way, nor do I receive compensation for my volunteer effort to redistribute the information that I get from them. Greenpeace has its own official pages at http://www.greenpeace.org/, and some more websites:

  • Greenpeace USA
  • Stop Star Wars
  • True Food Network

  • Here's a selection of fact sheets, reports, press releases, etc. that I've downloaded from Greenpeace's Environet BBS, Greenpeace's gopher site, and EcoNet, and translated into web pages. The official Greenpeace page above has a more recent and comprehensive set of documents.

    Fact Sheets and Reports

  • The Myth of Automobile Battery Recycling: many are simply dumped on the Third World.  1994

  • Where Do All Our "Recycled" Plastics Go? Probably not where you'd expect them to.  4-Sep-1992

  • HCFCs: Hidden CFCs; explaining why HCFCs still represent an acute threat to the ozone layer.  Apr-1992

  • Stepping Lightly On The Earth: A guide to toxics in the home, with nontoxic alternatives.  1991

  • Plastics: An Environmental Menace; an overview of the lifecycle of plastics.

  • The Incinerator-Chlorine Connection; one perpetuates the other.

  • Powell River: A License To Pollute; the many ways that MacMillan Bloedel gets away with polluting the river and ocean.  May-1989

    Press Releases

  • Dutch PVC waste still exported to Asia despite international agreements.  4-Feb-1998

  • U.S. Exports of Lead Acid Batteries Poisoning Brazil  4-Aug-1997

  • Severe lead contamination in the Philippines from other nations' used car batteries.  22-Aug-1996

  • Greenpeace Exposes plastic waste trade from Atlanta to Asia in the face of Olympic recycling hype.  17-Jul-1996

  • A UK study shows that Road-Building Brings No Economic Benefits.  31-Aug-1994

  • EPA Documents Show that Waste Technologies, Inc. Lied about its waste incinerator in East Liverpool, Ohio.  6-Jan-1993

  • Have a PVC-Free Christmas (or whenever you buy things).  17-Dec-1992

  • The True Costs Of Commercial Nuclear Power turn out to be pretty high.  15-Dec-1992

  • Pollution Levels Inside Cars are up to 18 times higher than those outside.  9-Sep-1992

  • Another chemical fire underscores the need for Rhone-Poulenc to Stop Playing With Fire.  22-Jun-1992

  • In the event of an environmental disaster, Clorox's Crisis Management Plan outlines how to handle it: attack environmentalists.  13-May-1991

  • Report on toxic emissions from a Cement Kiln Trial Burn in Ohio.  Apr-1991

    I put much of this stuff on the Internet back before the days of web pages. Sadly, it's all still relevant!

    Environet was a dialup BBS maintained by Greenpeace, and I used to download most of my information from there. These days that information can be obtained from their web site.

    EcoNet was an ISP and newsgroup conferencing system operated by the Institute for Global Communications. They're still around, but they aren't really an ISP anymore.

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