10th Anniversary
Critical Mass

Detail from a Critical Mass anniversary poster by Jim Swanson.

Critical Mass started on September 25, 1992, in San Francisco. 10 years later, it's still going strong and has spread to over 300 cities. The 10th Anniversary is being celebrated in San Francisco in many ways.


10 Years! ~ Visionary Traffic `Jams' Since 1992
Critical Mass anniversary poster by Mona Caron.

Talk Fast Ride Slow is a website of the Committee for Full Enjoyment, an affinity group that is active with Critical Mass. They promoted a potlatch and potluck gift exchange at the ride. Their artists have also created four beautiful posters.

Critical Mass anniversary poster by Hugh D'Andrade.Critical Mass anniversary poster by Jim Swanson.Critical Mass anniversary poster by Beth Verdekal.
Get yer ass down to Justin Herman Plaza 5:30PM last Friday every month.


Critical Mass: Bicycling's Defiant Celebration

Critical Mass: Bicycling's Defiant Celebration is a book of articles, essays, fliers, and photos from dozens of contributors from Critical Masses around the world. The book's release coincides with the 10th annivesary, and is available from the publisher or your local independent bookstore. Editor Chris Carlsson and various contributors will be reading and signing copies of the book somewhere near you (maybe).

Car-Free Days

World Car-Free Days 2002: Sept. 13-27

The anniversary is fortunately during the last half of September, which the excellent folks at Car Busters have declared as World Car-Free Days. The city of San Francisco has sort of announced its first Car-Free Day on September 27th (the same day as the anniversary ride). Announcements were sent out to inform people that Montgomery Street will be closed between Market and California Streets from 10:00AM to 2:00PM, but public service placards in the city buses give different hours. No contact information can be found on the placards, and there's no information on the city's website. Everyone is probably better off not driving a car at all that day.

Car-Free Days are celebrated around the world this time of year. For example, the European Union has them on September 22nd. Usually they do far more than San Francisco, closing entire city centers, or at least holding an all-day street fair. (San Francisco has two major street fairs during the Car-Free Days, but doesn't call them Car-Free!) There are also Critical Mass and Reclaim the Street celebrations of car-free streets all over the world.

Bike Protest Against Oil-igarchy

Also on September 27th, there's a big protest against big oil and the World Bank going on in Washington, D.C. In San Francisco, the folks at Art and Revolution made a bike protest out of this. There's no information about it on their website, but details were sent to a San Francisco Critical Mass email list: 4:30PM at Chevron-Texaco, 575 Market between 1st and 2nd Streets. This is near the Montgomery BART station, and right between the sites of "Car-Free Day" and Critical Mass.

Photos of the Anniversary Rides

In San Francisco:

Around the world:

  • Portland - Celebration, mixed with protest of police behavior in August.
  • St. Louis - Celebration with birthday party hats.
  • Vancouver - Celebration with colorful costumes.


Marvel at what the media's saying:


"X" detail from anniversary poster by Jim Swanson.
Anniversary posters by Mona Caron, Hugh D'Andrade, Jim Swanson, and Beth Verdekal.
Book cover illustration by Mona Caron.
World Car-Free Days image by the Car Busters editorial collective.

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